Membership Benefits

Currently, the TALQ consortium offers 2 categories of membership: 

Regular Membership
Associate Membership

Regular Membership is for those entities willing and able to make an active and material contribution to the objectives of the Consortium. It entitles one to participate in all activities of the consortium, such as

  • Access to the General Assembly, including voting rights
  • Serve as Steering Committee member
  • Participation in the Working Groups, such as the Technical Working Group or the Promotions Working Group

Associate Membership is for those persons or entities with an interest in the objectives of the consortium, willing to support the development and promote the application of the TALQ specification(s). It entitles one to participate in selected activities of the consortium such as:

  • Access to the General Assembly, with no voting rights
  • Participation in the TALQ Promotion Partners group
  • The right to comment on Draft TALQ specification(s)