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The first step towards a TALQ Interface Specification


When defining a TALQ Interface Specification it is necessary to carefully consider the requirements of the various stakeholders. These are collected in a Requirements Document.

The main purpose of this document is to define the scope of a TALQ Specification in more detail and provide typical use cases and market requirements to lead the development of the specification. Once the detailed goal of the TALQ Specification is defined and agreed upon with all parties involved in the standardization, this document will serve as the basis for the TALQ Specification development.

Following this process the consortium aims to ensure the practical usefulness of its specification, such that adoption by municipalities and utilities is made easy, as it should address very concrete needs. It also helps to discuss the goal of 'what' should be achieved first, before considering 'how' to achieve it. By focusing on the abstract goal any bias or tunnel vision due to a preference for a single technological solution is to be avoided. This improves the final specification, as a wide range of possible solutions can be considered.