Our Vision

Setting an intelligent standard for outdoor lighting

Why TALQ for outdoor lighting

The TALQ Consortium aims to establish a globally accepted standard for management software interfaces to control and monitor heterogeneous outdoor lighting networks. This way interoperability between Central Management Systems (CMS) and Outdoor Lighting Networks (OLN) from different vendors will be enabled, such that a single CMS can control different OLNs in different parts of a city or region.

TALQ accelerates the introduction of networked outdoor lighting, with benefits like:

  • The introduction of LED luminaires in road and urban lighting
    Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide
  • Increasing cost efficiency
  • Possibilities for tailor-made lighting
  • Professionalization of lighting operations management

The new TALQ interface is a specification for information exchange, suitable for implementation in various products and systems. TALQ focuses just on the so-called application layer of the interface protocol and will neither define the physical layer nor network layer.

That’s why the approach fosters competition and will help to grow the market for the benefit of the users and the environment.

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