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Smart Outdoor Lighting

Why thinking about Smart Outdoor Lighting?


Thanks to intelligent streetlight LED outdoor lighting
control systems, cities, utilities and
their contractors benefit from:

Drastic energy savings
In the streets, roads, highways and tunnel: program lamp dimming to the right light level at the right time drastically reduces the energy consumption. Most streetlight control systems can dim high-pressure sodium, metal halide and LED lamps individually or by group at any scheduled time (based on sunrise/sunset or fixed time), depending on external conditions (traffic, weather, motion, activity, presence) or based on remote manual override.

Reduce carbon footprint
In some countries, each kWh is responsible for the emission of up to 900 grams of CO2. Thanks to their light dimming capabilities, Streetlight control systems save tons of CO2, contributing to reducing cities’ overall carbon dioxide emissions.

Reduced maintenance efforts, enhanced efficiency
Lamp failures as well as other alarms are automatically identified to act faster and increase security and safety in the street. Streetlight control systems monitor each single light point and cabinet. Some of the control systems can also measure lamp’s burning hours to anticipate lamp’s end of life. No need for night patrol any more.

Increased control and visibility
With smart outdoor lighting control systems authorized operators can check any situation on any streetlight or segment from anywhere at any time. Real time control and monitoring features enable them to drastically reduce the number of onsite trips.