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Get in touch with the Smart City Protocol and TALQ

  • APCS 2021 - Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayors' Forum

    Wednesday 8 September 2021 - Sunday 12 September 2021

    The Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) and Mayors’ Forum is Australia's premier Summit that brings together city leaders with industry.

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  • Smart Lighting Summit 2021

    Wednesday 25 August 2021

    The virtual Smart City Lighting Summit will demonstrate how city-wide smart lighting networks will be the backbone of the Smart City.

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  • International Conference on Connected Smart Cities

    Tuesday 20 July 2021 - Wednesday 21 July 2021

    The International Conference on Connected Smart Cities (CSC 2021) aims to provide a cutting-edge and premier annual forum on smart cities.

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  • Smart City Expo 2020

    Tuesday 17 November 2020 - Thursday 19 November 2020

    Smart City Expo World Congress exists in order to empower cities and collectivize urban innovation across the globe.

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  • Lux Live 2020

    Wednesday 11 November 2020 - Thursday 12 November 2020

    Smart Lighting Conference and Exhibition

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  • smart city expo 2019

    Tuesday 19 November 2019 - Thursday 21 November 2019

    Smart City Expo World Congress is dedicated to creating a better future for cities and their citizens worldwide.

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  • Smart Cities India 2019

    Wednesday 22 May 2019 - Friday 24 May 2019

    Developing Smart Cities for our Citizens

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  • Street Lighting + Smart Controls 2019

    Tuesday 2 April 2019 - Thursday 4 April 2019

    4th International Smart Lighting + Smart Controls Conference

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  • Lighting Days 2019

    Wednesday 13 February 2019 - Friday 15 February 2019

    Lighting Days - an event in France, for Lighting and LED Technology. The Lighting Days, are 3 days to meet Cities, Lighting Designers, Architects & Design Offices, Specifiers, Distributors & Installaters, for lighting and LED technology professionals.

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  • Smart Cities International Symposium

    Tuesday 22 January 2019 - Thursday 24 January 2019

    Organized by the Smart Grid Observer, the 3rd Annual Smart Cities International Symposium & Exhibition brings together thought leaders and practitioners from around the world.

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