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The True Test of Interoperability


In order to indicate lighting system components from different vendors are interoperable the TALQ Symbol has been designed. Only products that are certified by the TALQ Consortium are allowed to carry the TALQ Symbol.

The TALQ Consortium facilitates vendors to apply for certification of their products by making a TALQ Test Tool suite available. This enables them to test themselves or have tested by a 3rd party whether or not their designs pass various tests as defined in the TALQ Test Specification. The software also logs the results. Once the tests have been concluded successfully the log can be sent to the TALQ Consortium for verification. If the products are found to be compliant to the TALQ Specification they will be included in the TALQ Compliant Products list on the website and the vendor can be licensed to use the TALQ Symbol on the product.

This way the TALQ Consortium aims to ensure maximum interoperability among products as well as providing an up to date list of compliant products to choose from.

The Test Tool suite is currently under development, and will be tested in plug fests against actual implementations of the TALQ Specification to maximize the confidence in its ability to determine whether or not a product is actually compliant.