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Picture Library TALQ

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TALQ Data Model - the Smart City Protocol

Christophe Orceau, Chairman of the TALQ Steering Committee, reporting about TALQ's success at the TALQ Ten Event in 2022.

Announcement of reciprocal partnership at TALQ Ten Event - left: Simon Dunkley, Secretary General TALQ Consortium, right: Teddy Sibbern Axelsen, Head of DOLL LivingLab

TALQ Ten - 2012 / 2022

TALQ Ten - 10 years of setting the smart city standard

New smart city profiles in the TALQ Specification version 2.4.0

Number of TALQ certifications

Number of official TALQ Certifications in November 2021

Pairings of TALQ's virtual plugfest in 2021

Rui Peixe, Chairman TALQ Technical Workgroup

Path to TALQ Certification

TALQ Profile for Smart Waste Management

Screenshot TALQ Certification Test Tool - Testing Functions for Interoperability

Screenshot TALQ Certification Test Tool Version 2.2.0

Bird's-eye view on Stockholm, Sweden. Photographer: Lennart Johansson.

Simon Dunkley, Secretary General TALQ Consortium, showing the TALQ symbol

Attendees TALQ plug fest July 2019 in Valencia, Spain.

Workshop and test session TALQ plug fest July 2019.

Attendees of TALQ plug fest and Developers' Workshop in Valencia, Spain, in October 2018

TALQ Specification Version 2.0 - TALQ Device Data Model

Meeting of the TALQ Consortium in Aix-en-Provence in April 2018

TALQ Version 2.0: The Smart City Protocol

TALQ Consortium certificating first TALQ compliant products and announcing at the smart city expo in 2017.
From left to right: Antonio Royo, UVAX; Brian McGuigan, Silver Spring Networks; Simon Dunkley, Secretary General TALQ Consortium; Gautier Perraut, Citégestion

TALQ - The Smart City Protocol

Interoperability problems of Outdoor Device Networks

TALQ Specification controlling Outdoor Device Networks

Screenshot TALQ Test Tool - approving TALQ-compliance of outdoor lighting products

Simon Dunkley, Secretary General TALQ Consortium

Christophe Orceau, TALQ

Christophe Orceau, Chairman of the Steering Committee TALQ Consortium

General Assembly TALQ Consortium in Paris 2015

Background information

White Papers


TALQ Specification Overview

This white paper provides information about the architecture & protocol stack, the data model, what kind of services are enabled and discusses the key features. It also explains the classification of features in mandatory, optional and vendor specific features.


TALQ Application Protocol Transaction Management

Detailed information about the communication between a Central Management System and the TALQ bridge. This white paper helps in understanding the flow of the messages on the interface, how to handle communication errors and in the development of the software for a TALQ specification compliant interface.


TALQ White Paper 2012

Explaining the vision and organization of the TALQ Consortium.