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What is a TALQ Profile

TALQ profiles support various smart city use cases, including street lighting. While some implementations may include all possible TALQ functionalities, many focus on specific applications.

The TALQ Consortium, using its members' expertise, classifies some functionalities as mandatory across all applications. Certain functionalities are mandatory for specific applications but optional for others, and some are entirely optional across all applications.

To meet these different requirements, TALQ introduces the concept of 'profiles'. The current categorization of mandatory or optional TALQ features includes profiles for Cabinet Control, Environmental Monitoring, Lighting, Lighting Asset Management, Smart Parking, Smart Traffic, and Waste Management.


Cities and utilities should include in their tenders the TALQ profiles that best match their requirements. By doing so, they can benefit from the TALQ members' expertise in determining the mandatory functionalities for each specific vertical.

You can check what is mandatory in each function and attribute in this document.