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The benefits of TALQ Certification

What makes the TALQ Certification beneficial for cities and utilities when investing in new smart city applications:

  1. Rigorous Testing
    TALQ-certified products must undergo strict testing for reliability and quality assurance.
  2. Consistent Interoperability Testing
    The validated interoperability in a standardised testing routine with a customized test tool allows easier integration with other TALQ-certified products.
  3. Real-World Scenario Testing
    In regular Plugfests TALQ-certified products together with products that want to receive TALQ Certification are tested in scenarios mirroring real-world environments.
  4. Unique Tool
    All TALQ-certified products are tested with the same tool, which is available for members only, with a standardised testing routine.
  5. Access to Best Practices
    The TALQ Specification and the Certification tool are tested with industry best practices, defined by members, facilitating optimisation of product implementations.
  6. Commitment to Standards
    Choosing TALQ-certified products demonstrates commitment to industry standards and assures reliability.