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    Draft TALQ Specification in Member Review phase

    Published on 2013-06-06. Source: TALQ Consortium

    Friday June 1st Christophe Orceau, chair of the Steering Committee of the TALQ Consortium, was able to send the Draft TALQ Specification for Member Review. All members of the consortium are asked to review the specification that has been developed by the Technical Work Group since the end of June last year.

    Comments are to be sent before July 1st, and will be discussed in the next meeting of the Technical Work Group in Valencia on July 9th to 11th. It is expected that soon after the Final Draft Specification can be approved by the Steering Committee, which will send it to the General Assembly. If at that stage no proposals for rejection are received, the Specification will become an Approved Final Specification by end of August 2013.

    The compilation of the Draft Specification has been the result of intensive cooperation by members of the Technical Work Group. They represent leading companies in the Outdoor Lighting Network market, which share the view that a major obstacle for the market to take off is the lack of a single protocol to manage various outdoor lighting networks. Because of this, customers such as municipalities, hesitate to invest in new technologies.

    The TALQ Specification will provide a standard management interface protocol, supporting various kinds of network technologies, be it wired or wireless. Central Management Systems equipped with the interface can interoperate with Outdoor Lighting Networks with a TALQ interface, even if designed by different manufacturers. This provides customers with as wide a selection of vendors as possible to overcome the fear of being locked-in.

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