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    TALQ News and Events

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  • TALQ Consortium released version 2.6.0 of the Smart City Protocol


    New Version Brings More Control and Colour in Smart Outdoor Lighting

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  • Integrating the TALQ Interface Standard in no Time


    New member companies prove the easiness of becoming TALQ-certified

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  • New TALQ Certifications Enable More Interoperability in Smart Cities


    The TALQ Consortium lists currently 60 TALQ-certified products

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  • How Fluvius Helped to Revolutionize the Smart City Asset Management


    TALQ Partners play an important role in evolving the Smart City Standard

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  • TALQ Increases Security for its Certification Process


    An online test tool assures save certifications for TALQ-compliance

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  • Improved Manageability for Smart Outdoor Lighting


    TALQ Consortium releases version 2.5.0 of the Smart City Protocol

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  • 46 TALQ-certified Products Ease Investment Decisions in Smart Cities


    The TALQ Consortium announces several new certifications according to the TALQ standard

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  • TALQ Ten Event: 10 Years of Setting Smart City Standards


    The TALQ Consortium celebrates its 10th anniversary and starts collaboration with DOLL Living Lab

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  • Ten Years of Setting the Smart City Standard


    For a decade the TALQ Consortium has been dedicated to enabling interoperability in smart cities

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  • Increased Interoperability for Smart Parking, Traffic and Environmental Monitoring


    TALQ Consortium publishes version 2.4.0 of the Smart City Protocol

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  • Number of TALQ Certifications Continues to Climb

    Number of TALQ certifications


    Currently 36 products are approved to carry the TALQ Certification

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  • Virtual Plugfest Proves the Smart City Protocol


    Two weeks of intensive test sessions underline the interoperability of TALQ-compliant products

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  • TALQ Protocol Goes Public


    The Consortium decided to share the TALQ Specification to enable interoperability for smart cities worldwide

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  • The TALQ Family Continues to Grow


    The Smart City Protocol is supported by more than 50 member companies and many partners worldwide

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  • Smart City Protocol Standard Continues its Expansion and adds Waste Management


    TALQ Consortium releases Specification Version 2.3.0

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  • Video Tutorial: How to Ease TALQ Implementation?


    You want to integrate the TALQ Specification in your solutions in order to increase interoperability for cities and other operators?

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  • TALQ Certification, the key to interoperable smart city systems


    Additional transparency through published product capability lists

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  • More than 20 products certified as TALQ-compliant


    The Smart City Protocol’s influence continues to grow

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  • Webinar: TALQ, a Standard for Interoperability


    Discover more about the benefits of the Smart City Protocol in this free on-demand webinar session.

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  • TALQ Integrates Further Smart City Features


    The updated TALQ Specification 2.2.0 includes additional functions in the protocol standard

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  • City of Stockholm Joins TALQ Consortium


    The TALQ Partner Programme fosters interoperability of smart city applications

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  • Seventeen products officially certified as TALQ-compliant


    The Smart City Protocol Continues to Spread in Many Countries

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  • TALQ-Certified logo released


    The TALQ Consortium developed and released a logo to identify certified TALQ-compliant products.

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  • Wide adoption of the TALQ Smart City protocol


    Nine companies and ten products awarded with the official TALQ Certification

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  • Certification tool for Smart City Protocol approved


    Recent plug fest anticipates TALQ Certification of various Smart City Applications

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  • Video Tutorial - Setup Test Tool and Demo


    Learn more about the features of the TALQ Test Tool and getting ready for TALQ certification

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  • The Smart City industry gets ready for TALQ certification


    13 companies from 6 different countries confirm the ease of supporting TALQ version 2.0 in a successful plug fest

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  • New white paper to describe the architecture and data model of TALQ version 2.0


    TALQ Consortium releases a White Paper to describe the architecture and data model of the Smart City Protocol

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  • TALQ Specification Version 2.0: Ready for Implementation


    The Smart City Protocol is undergoing formal approval process

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  • Video: TALQ live at Light + Building 2018


    Discover what TALQ member companies and other stakeholders of the Smart City environment think about TALQ version 2.0.

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  • TALQ Version 2.0: The Smart City Protocol


    New protocol standard for future-proof smart city applications

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  • Enabling Smart Cities to Smarter Lighting Tenders


    TALQ Consortium publishes third edition of its Pocket Guide

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  • Pocket Guide for Smart Lighting Tenders available in Romanian


    Thanks to our partner ARI (the Romanian Lighting Association) the Pocket Guide for Smart Lighting Tenders is now available also in Romanian.

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  • New video about the Smart City Protocol


    The new TALQ video explains in less than three minutes the ideas behind the Smart City Protocol and why companies should consider implementing it.

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  • First certified TALQ-compliant, interoperable products confirmed


    The TALQ Consortium certifies four outdoor lighting products as TALQ compliant. The four solutions are the first products of lighting industry companies to demonstrate interoperability according to the TALQ Specification.

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  • Smart City Protocol on its way


    More flexibility and reliability for long-term investments by cities

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  • TALQ Consortium releases beta version test tools


    Smart Street Lighting Products Getting Ready for Global Standard

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  • TALQ Consortium elects new Secretary General


    Perfect Priming for Smart City Expansion

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  • TALQ became a partner of the Convenant of Mayors


    The Convenant of Mayors is told to be the “world’s biggest urban climate and energy initiative”.

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  • Smart Street Lighting goes Smart City


    The TALQ Consortium is planning to include Smart City Applications in the TALQ Specification

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  • TALQ video about the certification process - published in Italian


    Learn more about Smart Street Lighting throught TALQ and the TALQ Certification in our second video - now also with subtitles in Italian.

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  • New TALQ video about the certification process - published in English, German and Spanish


    Learn more about Smart Street Lighting throught TALQ and the TALQ Certification in our second video.

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  • 2nd Edition of Pocket Guide for Smart Street Lighting Tenders - available in English and German


    Just in time for the Light+Building 2016 tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany, the TALQ Consortium publishes the second and updated edition of its Pocket Guide for Smart Outdoor Lighting Tenders.

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  • Global Standard for Outdoor Lighting Control Getting Ready for Launch


    The TALQ Consortium has made a significant step towards the official rollout of the TALQ Certification Program. During the first TALQ plug fest in Valencia, Spain, the specially developed Test Tool – to be used to test outdoor lighting products for TALQ-compliance – was successfully applied with various control technology implementations.

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  • TALQ publishes Pocket Guide for Smart Outdoor Lighting Tenders


    By publishing a ‘Pocket Guide for Smart Outdoor Lighting Tenders’ the TALQ Consortium offers decision makers an excellent basis for compiling forward-looking, cost and energy saving tenders.

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  • LEDs Magazine: Standards will futureproof intelligent outdoor lighting deployments


    A background article in the LEDs Magazine speaks about the scope and efforts of the TALQ Consortium for smart street lighting.

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  • Election of new Steering Committe


    In the General Assembly in in Paris a new Steering Committee was elected.

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  • Two new white papers about the TALQ Specification published


    Recently the TALQ Consortium published two new white papers for those eager to learn more about the TALQ specification and how to apply it.

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  • TALQ and the International Year of Light


    At the beginning of 2015 we are happy to announce our support for the ‘International Year of Light’, a global initiative of the United Nations which will highlight to the citizens of the world the importance of light and optical technologies in their lives, for their futures, and for the development of society. It is an unique opportunity to inspire, educate, and connect on a global scale.

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  • High interest from partners


    Last September we organized a partner event in California. Various municipalities and other outdoor lighting experts attended the meeting. The feedback was very positive and encouraging and we plan to arrange further partner events in other locations in 2015. All future dates will be announced on the website in the news & events area.

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  • Starting signal for certification


    In July we defined the test protocol for the TALQ specification and thanks to the excellent work of the Certification Work Group we were able to start development of the test tools. These are essential for vendors to test their implementations before submitting them for certification by the TALQ Consortium. Only certified products will be allowed to carry the TALQ symbol.

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  • Specification is being implemented !


    Last year we finished the TALQ specification successfully. This includes a complete feature set to operate and manage outdoor lighting networks (OLN) with different architectures, technologies and capabilities. The aim is to enable users, like municipalities, to have a single central management system (CMS) to manage OLNs from multiple vendors. The mandatory part of the TALQ Specification focusses on the minimal level of interoperability to meet the essential customer needs. The extended optional part allows the industry to differentiate on deployment, operation and management of OLNs and CMS implementation.

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  • Partner Program


    Entities such as municipalities and utilities with an interest in the TALQ Consortium’s goal and specification can become a Partner. The Partner Program is a stakeholder outreach program to facilitate discussions with such entities on the adoption of the TALQ specification, the impact it may have on their tendering and operational processes, and keeping them up to date on the latest activities of the TALQ Consortium.

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  • A New Logo


    To easily identify products that are compliant with the TALQ specification a special symbol has been developed. As the certification procedure has not fully been specified yet, there are no 'TALQ Compliant' products in the market yet. However, to ensure easy recognition of the 'TALQ Symbol' once such products are available, we will from now on use the 'TALQ Logo' in our promotion materials and channels.

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  • TALQ Specification approved!


    The TALQ Consortium is happy to announce the completion of the TALQ Specification. The specification defines the application layer protocol between a Central Management System and Outdoor Lighting Networks. By providing this specification the TALQ Consortium aims to grow the market for intelligent outdoor lighting systems. The lack of interoperability among systems of different suppliers has been identified as one of the main obstacles for adoption of centrally controlled outdoor lighting systems. Municipalities and utilities will no longer have to fear supplier lock-in if they decide to require TALQ certified outdoor lighting systems.

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  • Draft TALQ Specification in Member Review phase


    Friday June 1st Christophe Orceau, chair of the Steering Committee of the TALQ Consortium, was able to send the Draft TALQ Specification for Member Review. All members are asked to review the specification that has been developed by the Technical Work Group since the end of June last year.

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  • TALQ Consortium welcomes General Electric Lighting as Regular Member


    2013-01-07 Today the TALQ Consortium welcomed GE Lighting as its next Regular Member. GE Lighting invents with the vigor of its founder Thomas Edison to develop energy-efficient solutions that change the way people light their world in commercial, industrial, municipal and residential settings. The business employs over 17,000 people in more than 100 countries.

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  • TALQ Technical Work Group year's end sprint


    The TALQ Consortium’s Technical Work Group met this week in Great Chesterford, Essex, UK for a year’s end sprint. The more the work on the specification is progressing, the more detailed the discussions get.

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  • TALQ Consortium welcomes KMW inc as Regular Member


    2012-12-10 - Today the TALQ Consortium announced it welcomed KMW as a Regular Member. KMW Inc. possesses the world’s most advanced communications technology and delivers products for wireless telecommunications. Based on the technical side of the communications infrastructure, we are developing specialized lighting products that possess combined lighting and communications technology. LED lighting products of KMW inc. are sold under the GigaTera brand.

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  • TALQ Consortium members meet in Christmas Colored Paris


    At the end of November, the TALQ Consortium members met in Paris, hosted by Streetlight.Vision. The beautiful Christmas illuminations on the Boulevard des Champs Elysees might have inspired the standardization discussions, as a lot of progress was made.

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  • Register for the first TALQ Webinar!


    The TALQ Consortium is inviting you to a webinar in which we’ll provide an introduction to the consortium, its objective and structure. This may be of special interest to - Municipalities considering to install outdoor lighting networks - Manufacturers of outdoor lighting equipment - Governmental agencies, regulators - Lighting management software providers - Outdoor Lighting Service Providers

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  • TALQ Consortium welcomes OSRAM GmbH as Regular Member


    2012-11-05 - Today the TALQ Consortium announced that OSRAM GmbH has joined as Regular Member. OSRAM is one of the leading light manufacturers in the world. This holds true both for classic and new lighting technologies, as well as related electronics and software. With LED-based products making up a share of about 25 percent of the total turnover, the company is setting the trend with regard to technological changes in the lighting market. 70 percent of its turnover comes from energy-efficient products.

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  • TALQ moves East with October 2012 TALQ Meeting in China!


    The TALQ Consortium held its first Asian meeting during the last week of October. Dongguan Kingsun Optoelectronics Company kindly hosted the technical and promotion work group meetings.

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  • TALQ Consortium initiates Logo selection process


    Today the TALQ Consortium initiated the process to select a logo by issuing a Request for Quotes, aimed at logo design studios.

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  • September 2012 TALQ Consortium meeting


    During the last week of September TALQ Consortium members met in Normanton, West Yorkshire, UK. For 3 consecutive days Harvard Engineering kindly hosted the technical and promotion work group meetings, as well as the steering committee meeting.

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  • TALQ Consortium welcomes Sinapse Energia as Regular Member


    2012-09-13 - Today the TALQ Consortium welcomed Sinapse Energia S.L. as a Regular Member. Sinapse was established in 2007 with the aim of providing solutions to improve efficiency and contribute to energy savings in electricity networks, especially in the public and private lighting. Sinapse Energía is a member of the Spanish Committee of Illumination (Comité Español de Iluminación).

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  • TALQ Consortium welcomes Telensa as Regular Member


    2012-09-05 - Today the TALQ Consortium welcomed Telensa Ltd. as a Regular Member. Telensa is a leading provider of Central Management Systems (CMS) for the remote control and monitoring of street lighting, supplying to many local authorities and contractors who are deploying its solution across large populations of street lights.

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  • TALQ Consortium welcomes Hubbell Building Automation as Regular Member


    2012-08-17 - Today the TALQ Consortium welcomed Hubbell Building Automation (HBA) as its first North American Regular Member. Hubbell Building Automation, Inc. is a strong proponent of innovative, integrated and simple energy saving lighting controls. It is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is a division of Hubbell Lighting, an established leader in the lighting industry.

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  • TALQ Press Release June 2012


    New consortium to drive standardization of a management software interface for managing outdoor lighting networks Global initiative – The formation of a new global consortium made up from lighting industry players, with the aim of creating a globally accepted standard for a management software interface for outdoor lighting networks has been announced today. Named TALQ, the founders/participants are Harvard Engineering, Kingsun, Philips, Schréder, Streetlight.Vision and Thorn/Zumtobel.

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