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    Starting signal for certification

    Published on 2014-11-06

    In July we defined the test protocol for the TALQ specification and thanks to the excellent work of the Certification Work Group we were able to start development of the test tools. These are essential for vendors to test their implementations before submitting them for certification by the TALQ Consortium. Only certified products will be allowed to carry the TALQ symbol.

    We are preparing for our first "Plug Fest". At these events several vendors come together to test whether or not their implementations of the TALQ protocol interoperate seamlessly. In addition this offers the opportunity to validate the test tools sufficiently cover the whole scope of the TALQ specification. We plan to roll out the Certification Program just before the second half of 2015, such that certified products can get to the market from then.The TALQ consortium will maintain and continuously update a registry of TALQ certified products on its website. By choosing a TALQ compliant system cities, municipalities and other users can count on having a choice of interoperable products, also when expanding projects later on.

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