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    TALQ Consortium welcomes Sinapse Energia as Regular Member

    Published on 2012-09-13

    2012-09-13 - Today the TALQ Consortium welcomed Sinapse Energia S.L. as a Regular Member.

    Sinapse was established in 2007 with the aim of providing solutions to improve efficiency and contribute to energy savings in electricity networks, especially in the public and private lighting. Sinapse Energía is a member of the Spanish Committee of Illumination (Comité Español de Iluminación).

    ”From Sinapse we think that the remote management and metering of the outdoor lighting systems is going to be mandatory from now. Information and control are required if we want to improve the management and consequently the efficiency of this kind of systems. Joining the consortium we expect to contribute with our acquired experience in order to reach a standard in this field. Due to that we are going to invest heavily in the development of TALQ based products. We strongly believe this is a step in the right direction”, according to Álvaro Díaz Aguilar, R&D manager, Sinapse Energia S.L. ”Sinapse has a high qualified team of engineers specialized in fields like electronics, software development and communications: we are sure we can contribute with good ideas and methods to the consortium. We also expect too to enhance our relationship with the companies that form the consortium and acquire a global vision of the different solutions, so as to learn about different points of views regarding the management, measurement and control in outdoor lighting installations”

    “The open nature of the TALQ Consortium enables also young companies like Sinapse Energia to join and contribute ”, said Gerard Lokhoff, the consortium’s Secretary General. “It is a good sign that such a mixed set of industry players provides support for the development of a specification which is to be adopted as industry standard.”

    For more information: info@talq-consortium.org

    About Sinapse Energia S.L.
    Efficiency and Energy Saving have evolved over the years, and is currently a global commitment. Sinapse participates in the common goal of a sustainable planet by making good use of existing resources.
    Sinapse develops products for integration with new technologies, incorporating the last technology in electronics, measurement, data treatment and communications, always working on a priority: the universality of systems. The R & D team is constantly developing solutions to reach this objective; we have a multidisciplinary team of the best professionals in the technologies that are part of this project.
    Actually we have over 5 years of experience in the development and implementation of management systems for outdoor lighting installations and more than 30 successful projects, mostly in Spain and South America.
    For more information see www.sinapseenergia.com .

    About the TALQ Consortium
    The TALQ Consortium brings together global lighting industry players, with the aim of creating a globally accepted standard for a management software interface for outdoor lighting networks. At present the market is characterized by a diversity of proprietary systems and interfaces. The lack of standards makes it difficult to integrate, operate and maintain management systems and is prohibiting the growth of outdoor lighting networks.
    The TALQ Consortium aims to promote the application of outdoor lighting network systems by delivering and governing a well-defined software protocol specification for the interface between central management systems and outdoor lighting networks and by managing a promotion, certification and compliance program. It was founded June 2012 by Harvard Engineering, Kingsun, Philips, Schréder, Streetlight.Vision and Thorn/Zumtobel.
    The TALQ Consortium plans to have a draft specification prepared by the end of 2012. More information is made available at www.TALQ-consortium.org.

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