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    More than 20 products certified as TALQ-compliant

    Published on 2020-09-09

    More than 20 products certified as TALQ-compliant
    The Smart City Protocol’s influence continues to grow

    Piscataway, NJ, USA– September 9, 2020 – The TALQ Consortium, which has developed a global interface standard for managing heterogeneous smart city device networks, continues to award further products TALQ Certification, after passing strict test procedures. The number of certified TALQ-compliant and interoperable products has climbed to 22 products from 17 companies from a variety of countries and continents. The only reliable way to confirm official certification remains the consortium’s website.

    The main goal of the Consortium is to ease investment decisions for cities and to foster competition among different solution providers. This is achieved through a standardized interface to connect and control heterogeneous smart city applications from different hardware and software vendors. Integrating the Smart City Protocol into their products allows manufacturers to achieve interoperability and reduce development risk. Now, twenty-two products from seventeen solution providers have been certified as TALQ-compliant.

    Cities drive the change in industry
    “Since our first street lighting control implementation back in 2009, we have focused on open communication protocols, interoperability and open integrations. We have never truly understood closed systems and we believe that supplier-locked situations are simply unrealistic and impossible to manage in the fast-paced technological environment that creates today’s smart cities. In this context, integrating TALQ was simply the right step towards our current and future connected lighting projects.”, explains Lorand Mozes, CEO Flashnet, in setting out his company’s reasons to adapt TALQ.

    "Bouygues Energies & Services joined the TALQ Consortium more than 4 years ago. We have always been interested in the harmonization of exchange between technical solutions and supervision interfaces. We were seduced by TALQ’s vision to offer a standard exchange to allow every system to interact with each other.
    Our certification in July 2019 allowed our solution to be able to interact with several CMS and offer more possibilities to our customers. Indeed, as we have the option of communicating with any TALQ system, we could be present on more markets and we will be able to wide our offer. Our Citybox Solution can also be installed in addition to other solutions and upload data to the same CMS, as long as it is TALQ certified.”, reveals Robin Pierret as the motivation of Bouygues Energies & Services for becoming a TALQ member.

    "Telensa has been a member of the TALQ Consortium and a supporter of the TALQ vision of a globally-accepted smart city protocol since 2012, and we have been at the heart of TALQ’s development of a smart city interface which enables interoperability and avoids lock-in to proprietary systems. Telensa’s customer-focused solutions are built on openness and interoperability and, like TALQ, they grow with the needs of the smart city. We see TALQ as the future – enabling cities to build their smart city of today and tomorrow.”, says Brent Hudson, CEO Telensa.

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