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    TALQ Consortium released version 2.6.0 of the Smart City Protocol

    Published on 2024-04-12

    New Version Brings More Control and Colour in Smart Outdoor Lighting

    The TALQ Consortium has released a new version 2.6.0 of its Smart City Protocol. Continuous evolution of the protocol ensures the interface standard constantly adapts to changing market needs. Version 2.6.0 introduces a new Cabinet Control profile, an extension of active periods and new commands for colour lights – the latter being aligned with the DALI-2 (IEC 82386) Part 209 definition. As before, the updated TALQ protocol (both data model and OpenAPI definitions) is available publicly and free-of-charge via GitHub.

    Analysing and prioritising members', partners’ and customers' feedback to refine and improve the protocol is an ongoing process within the consortium. Therefore, TALQ has added several new functionalities and some minor corrections with the goal of improving and simplifying its use.

    The highlight of this release is the introduction of the TALQ Cabinet Control profile, a comprehensive extension that integrates both existing and novel functions. The new cabinet control profile improves interoperability between systems when dealing with lighting cabinet control, allowing for segmented control of lights.

    Another significant enhancement in version 2.6.0 is the extension of active periods from the ‘Control Service’ into the ‘Data Collection Service’. This extension enables users to limit data recording to specific periods, utilising parameters such as astro-clock times, fixed times or sensor outputs. This flexibility adds a new layer of customisation, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

    Furthermore, the new release introduces control commands specifically designed for coloured lights. This integration goes beyond regulating colour temperature, extending the control to the actual colour of the light. Aligned with the DALI-2 Part 209 definition, a leading hardware standard in the lighting industry, these additions ensure seamless integration and compatibility.
    “The structure and aim of the TALQ Protocol remains unchanged, of course. But we are proud to continuously add innovative solutions that address the demands of operators in the smart city and smart street lighting environment.” summarises José Sanchis, Chairman of the TALQ Certification Workgroup, the new protocol release.

    By asking for TALQ-certified smart city applications, cities can avoid vendor-lock-in and can rely on data interoperability when monitoring and controlling devices in smart city ecosystems.

    The TALQ Smart City Protocol version 2.6.0 is available to software developers for download via the GitHub repository.

    Entire press release (English) as pdf

    NOTA DE PRENSA (Español)

    Nueva versión aporta más control y color a la iluminación exterior inteligente

    TALQ Consortium publica la versión 2.6.0 del Smart City Protocol

    El TALQ Consortium ha lanzado una nueva versión 2.6.0 de su Smart City Protocol, un estándar de interfaz global para redes de dispositivos de ciudades inteligentes. La continua evolución del protocolo garantiza la adaptación constante del estándar de la interfaz a las necesidades cambiantes del mercado. La versión 2.6.0 introduce un nuevo perfil Cabinet Control, una ampliación de los periodos activos y nuevos comandos para control del color, ajustándose estos últimos a la definición de DALI-2 (IEC 82386) Parte 209. Como siempre, la nueva versión del protocolo TALQ (tanto el modelo de datos como las definiciones de OpenAPI) está disponible de forma pública y gratuita en GitHub.

    Nota de prensa Español (pdf)


    Une nouvelle version pour plus de contrôle et de couleurs dans l’éclairage urbain intelligent

    Le Consortium TALQ a publié la version 2.6.0 du Protocole Smart City

    Le Consortium TALQ a publié une nouvelle version 2.6.0 de son Protocole Smart City, norme d’interface internationale pour les réseaux de dispositifs des villes intelligentes. L’évolution continue du protocole veille à une adaptation constante de la norme d’interface aux besoins du marché. La version 2.6.0 présente un nouveau profil Cabinet Control, une extension des périodes actives et de nouvelles commandes pour la couleur d’éclairage, cette dernière caractéristique répondant à la définition de la partie 209 de la norme DALI-2 (IEC 82386). Comme auparavant, la version mise à jour du protocole TALQ (à la fois le modèle de données et les définitions OpenAPI) est disponible en accès libre et gratuit sur GitHub.

    Communiquè de presse française (pdf)


    Neue Version bringt mehr Farbe und Kontrolle in die intelligente Außenbeleuchtung

    TALQ Konsortium veröffentlicht die Version 2.6.0 des Smart City Protokolls

    Das TALQ Konsortium hat eine neue Version 2.6.0 seines Smart-City-Protokolls veröffentlicht. Die kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung des Protokolls stellt sicher, dass die Spezifikation laufend an veränderte Marktanforderungen angepasst wird. Die Version 2.6.0 beinhaltet ein neues Schaltschranksteuerungsprofil, eine Erweiterung der aktiven Zeiträume und neue Befehle für farbige Lichter – letztere folgen der Definition von DALI-2 (IEC 82386) Teil 209. Wie bisher ist das aktuelle TALQ-Protokoll (sowohl das Datenmodell als auch die OpenAPI-Definitionen) öffentlich und kostenlos über GitHub verfügbar.

    Vollständige Pressemeldung auf Deutsch (pdf)

    보도 자료

    스마트 아웃도어 라이팅(Smart Outdoor Lighting)에 보다 많은 제어와 색상을 제시하는 새로운 버전

    TALQ 컨소시엄, 스마트시티 프로토콜(Smart City Protocol) 2.6.0 버전 출시

    TALQ 컨소시엄은 스마트 시티 기기 네트워크를 위한 글로벌 표준인 스마트 시티 프로토콜 신규 2.6.0 버전을 출시하였습니다. 프로토콜의 지속적인 발전을 통해 인터페이스 표준이 변화하는 시장 요구에 지속적으로 적응할 수 있도록 합니다. 2.6.0 버전은 새로운 캐비닛 제어, 활성 기간 연장과 새로운 색상 조명 명령을 도입하였고 새로운 색상 조명 명령은 DALI_2(IEC 82386) 파트 209 정의와 일치합니다. 이전과 마찬가치로 업데이트된 TALQ 프로토콜(데이터 모델 및 OpenAPI 정의 둘 다)은 GitHub에 공개되어 있으며 무료로 사용할 수 있습니다.

    보도 자료 (pdf)



    TALQ 联盟发布 2.6.0 版《智慧城市协议》

    TALQ 联盟发布了为智慧城市设备网络打造的全球接口标准《智慧城市协议》的全新 2.6.0 版本。协议的不断升级可确保接口标准能够持续顺应市场需求变化情况。2.6.0 版本引入了全新的机柜控制配置文件、扩展了控制时段并且添加了关于彩色灯光的新命令——后者符合 DALI-2 (IEC 82386) 第 209 部分的定义。和之前一样,更新后的 TALQ 协议(包含数据模型和 OpenAPI 定义)现已通过 GitHub 公开发布并且可免费获取。

    新闻稿 (pdf)



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