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    Number of TALQ Certifications Continues to Climb

    Published on 2021-11-24

    Currently 36 products are approved to carry the TALQ Certification

    The TALQ Consortium, which developed the Smart City Protocol, a global OpenAPI interface standard for smart city device networks, has now certified 36 products to be TALQ-compliant. The rigorous TALQ certification process ensures that all products certified to the same profile (or profiles) can interoperate with smart city solutions from other vendors. The benefits for cities and utilities investing in these long-term projects are obvious: asking for the TALQ standard as a prerequisite avoids vendor lock-in and stimulates competition.

    The first certifications of TALQ-compliancy were awarded in 2017 to four street lighting systems. Now, four years later and after the evolution of the standard into an OpenAPI protocol supporting a range of smart city applications, in total 36 products may officially carry the TALQ certified logo.
    To ensure transparency for potential customers, the certification status of any product can be checked on the consortium’s website after the certification has been awarded, alongside a ‘capability list’ identifying which features have been confirmed as supported. For additional information customers can request the detailed test report from any vendor.

    The 36 certified products which currently implement TALQ version 2 include 16 Central Management Software (CMS) and 20 Gateways (Outdoor Device Networks, ODN) from 27 companies.

    “As a smart streetlight supplier, all the time we see cities struggling to solve technical issues and to innovate as they are tied to a single vendor that has its own proprietary software or system. Today the biggest challenge for cities is really to be open and work with multiple suppliers. Therefore, we couldn’t provide anything different than an interoperable solution and the TALQ protocol allows us to assure compatibility” states Joana Vilhena, Smart Solutions Marketing & Communication Lead at Schréder Hyperion.

    “We believe in the interoperability of systems to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of solutions for managing public lighting, securing spaces and facilitating mobility. Our solutions are dedicated to smart cities and territories at the service of citizens, users and all public and private actors in the territories. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we have certified our Tegis solution, an end-to-end intelligent management offer, to provide our customers with an open and interoperable offer thanks to the recognized TALQ version 2 interface protocol. LACROIX has now two TALQ-certified solutions with SmartNodes and Tegis solutions” says Guillaume Moenne-Loccoz, Smart Lighting Product Manager, LACROIX-City.

    “We are proud to have received the TALQ Consortium certification for our IBOR solution”, reports Ralph Bisschops, product expert for IBOR at CGI. “With our integrated services and this global standard, we are able to accelerate the digital transformation of cities. Additionally, IBOR is also a proven solution for the industry, with extensive insights from asset diagnostics and analysis. Real-time insights and remote control help save on energy and reduce CO2 emissions and costs."

    Entire press release (English) as pdf

    NOTA DE PRENSA (Español)

    El número de certificaciones TALQ sigue aumentando
    Actualmente, 36 productos cuentan con la aprobación para llevar la Certificación TALQ

    El TALQ Consortium, creador del Smart City Protocol, una interfaz OpenAPI estándar global para redes de dispositivos de ciudades inteligentes, tiene ahora 36 productos certificados que cumplen con TALQ. El riguroso proceso de certificación de TALQ asegura que todos los productos certificados con el mismo perfil (o perfiles) puedan interactuar con soluciones para ciudades inteligentes de otros vendedores. Las ventajas para las ciudades y los servicios públicos que invierten en estos proyectos a largo plazo están claras: incorporar el estándar TALQ como requisito evita los bloqueos de proveedores y estimula la competencia.

    Nota de prensa Español (pdf)


    Le nombre de certifications TALQ continue d’augmenter
    Actuellement, 36 produits sont certifiés par le consortium TALQ

    Piscataway, NJ, États-Unis – 24 novembre 2021 –OpenAPI internationale pour les réseaux d’équipements connectés dans les villes intelligentes, a certifié au total 36 produits qui sont donc conformes avec la spécification TALQ. Rigoureux, le processus de certification TALQ veille à ce que tous les produits certifiés pour un profil donné puissent interagir avec des solutions d’autres fournisseurs. Les avantages pour les villes et les services publics qui investissent dans ces projets à long terme sont évidents : demander la certification TALQ comme prérequis permet d’éviter l’enfermement propriétaire (« vendor lock-in ») et de stimuler la concurrence.

    Communiquè de presse française (pdf)


    Anzahl der TALQ-Zertifizierungen steigt weiter
    Inzwischen dürfen bereits 36 Produkte das TALQ-zertifiziert-Logo tragen

    Das TALQ Konsortium, Entwickler des internationalen Open API Schnittstellenstandards für Smart-City-Gerätenetzwerke, hat bereits 36 Produkte als TALQ-kompatibel zertifiziert. Der strenge Zertifizierungsprozess stellt sicher, dass alle Produkte, die für das gleiche Profil zertifiziert sind, herstellerunabhängig und reibungslos zusammenarbeiten können. Die Vorteile für Städte, Kommunen und Versorgungsunternehmen, die in diese langfristigen Projekte investieren, liegen auf der Hand: Die Aufnahme des TALQ-Standards in Ausschreibungen als Voraussetzung zur Angebotsabgabe verhindert die Abhängigkeit von einem einzelnen Anbieter und intensiviert den Wettbewerb.

    Vollständige Pressemeldung auf Deutsch (pdf)



    TALQコンソーシアム は、スマートシティデバイスネットワーク用のグローバルOpenAPIインターフェース規格であるスマートシティプロトコルを開発し、これまで36の製品をTALQに準拠するものと認証しています。厳格なTALQ認証プロセスは、同じプロファイルであると認められたすべての製品が他のベンダーのスマートシティソリューションと相互運用できることを保証しています。これらの長期プロジェクトに投資している市と公益事業の利点は明らかです: 必須条件としてTALQ規格を要求するとベンダーロックインが避けられ、競争が刺激されます。

    プレスリリース (pdf)


    TALQ 证书数量持续攀升
    目前已有 36 款产品获准标注 TALQ 认证

    TALQ 联盟,作为“智慧城市协议”的发起者,制定了服务于智慧城市设备网络的全球性开放式API 接口标准,现已有 35 款产品得到了 TALQ 的合规认证。TALQ 严格的认证流程使得所有认证产品都拥有相同的框架,从而保证了来自不同供应商的智慧城市解决方案可以相互兼容。对于城市和公用事业来说,投资这些长期项目的优势也显而易见:以TALQ 标准作为先决条件,能够避免供应商的绑定,从而促进良性竞争。

    新闻稿 (pdf)

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